Our Fencing Contractors Are the Experts in Hilo, HI

We Know Fences

  Bob's Fencing, Inc. in Hilo, HI, offers expert installation and professional guidance every step of the way for your project. Our fencing contractors have many years of experience and have put up fences for hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Hilo area and island-wide.

Not sure what you need? Make an appointment with us and our staff will walk you through the options. We can scale things based on your budget and schedule. Just let us know what you need.  

Simple Solutions

In many cases, a basic approach is all you need to satisfy your fencing needs. That's why we love providing traditional, as well as modern, fencing solutions. From old-fashioned white picket fences to vinyl fences, we're the Big Island's home and business fencing experts. If you're looking for a fencing solution to compliment your property or aesthetic vision, talk with one of our fencing contractors in Hilo today.  

Customer Service

We're Hilo's number one choice for fencing solutions--and we only provide the highest quality materials for the job. Our customer service is second-to-none and we always strive to exceed your expectations.

Want a reference? Just ask. We have plenty of satisfied customers who will be happy to testify to our expertise.  

Fancy Fencing

Sometimes a client will need more than a simple fencing solution. When you need keypad entry, razor-wire tops, or any other kind of security fencing solution, our fencing contractors are here to serve you. We provide residential and commercial property fencing solutions from name brand and industry-standard fencing manufacturers such as Privacy Link and Master Halco.

Whatever your fencing needs, from basic to high-tech, we're the company to call.  
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